Rubidium Atomic Clocks

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ProductTypeFrequency (MHz)OutputStability (±ppm)Supply voltage (V)PackagePackage Size (LxW in mm)FeatureTest data
Rubidium10MHz - 10MHzSine Wave0,0001 to 0,000124 V
and others
Connectorized127x95Ultra-High Stability
Rubidium10MHz - 10MHzSine Wave0,0001 to 0,000112 V
and others
Connectorized89x76 - SMAUltra-High Stability
Rubidium10MHz - 10MHzSine Wave0,0001 to 0,000112 V
and others
THD (Through-Hole)50x50 (CO 40)Ultra-High Stability
Rubidium10MHz - 10MHzHCMOS0,0001 to 0,00015.0 VTHD (Through-Hole)50x50 (CO 40)Ultra-High Stability
Rubidium10MHz - 10MHzSine Wave0,0001 to 0,0001AC 100~240 VConnectorized19" Rack 2HUReference Distribution

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