AXTAL Application Notes

Publication # Titel Content



Handling and Testing of Crystal Oscillators

ESD & manual Handling
Power Supply
RF Output Loads
Electronic Frequency Control
Temperature Stability Test
Phase Noise Test
Short-Term Stability (ADEV) Test
Aging Test
Screening (MIL-PRF-55310)

AXAN-012 Processing Notes for Crystal Oscillators

Electrostatic Sensitivity
Storange / Moisture Sensitivity
RoHS Compliance
Hermetical Seal
Power Supply
Standard Environmental Conditions

AXAN-013 Standard Environmental Conditions for AXTAL Oscillators List of environmental conditions with reference to IEC and MIL standards
AXAN-101 Miniature Temperature Sensor Crystals RKTV206

Application information oabout the temperature sensor crystal RKTV206 and the reference crystal RKOV206 for precision temperature measurements

Frequency/Temperature characteristic
Practical application
- Oscillator circuits
- Heterodyning (mixing)

Crystals_TQ1995 Technical Introduction Quartz Crystals (tri-lingual: German/English/Français)

Technical Introduction
Equivalent Circuit
Load Capacitance
Measurement of Crystal Parameters
Spurious Resonances
Drive Level
Frequency Variations over Time (Aging)
Mechanical and Climatic Tests
Information on Processing
Standards for Oscillator Crystals

Oscillators_TQ1995 Technical Introduction Crystal Oscillators (tri-lingual: German/English/Français)

Packaged Crystal Oscillators (PXO)
Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)
Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)
Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)
Important Terms & Definitions
Measurement Techniques
Checklist for Specifications
Standards for Crystal Oscillators

Filter_TQ1995 Technical Introduction Crystal Filters (tri-lingual: German/English/Français)

Bandpass Filters
- Selectivity Filters
- Linear-Phase Filters
Bandstop Filters
Special Filters
Crystal Filter Measuring Techniques
Standards for Crystal Filters

Quartz Crystal Discriminators



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