Standards for Piezoelectic Materials

Survey on Standards for Piezoelectric Materials

International German Publication Title
IEC DIN IEC 60483 Guide to dynamic measurements of piezoelectric ceramics with high electromechanical coupling
IEC DIN IEC 60758 Synthetic quartz crystal - Specifications and guide to the use
IEC DIN IEC 61194-4-1 Piezoelectric devices for frequency control and selection -Glossary
Part 4-1: Piezoelectric materials - Synthetic quartz crystal
IEC DIN IEC 61194-4-2 Piezoelectric and dielectric devices for frequency control and selection - Glossary
Part 4-2: Piezoelectric and dielectric materials - Piezoelectric ceramics
IEC/TS DIN IEC 61194-4-4 Piezoelectric devices for frequency control and selection -Glossary
Part 4-4: Materials - Materials for SAW devices
IEC/PAS DIN IEC 62276 Single crystal wafers applied for surface acoustic wave devices - Specifications and measuring methods

This survey may deviate slightly from the actual situation. For the valid actual IEC standards please refer to the IEC website (Technical Committee TC-49).

IEC IEC International Electrotechnical Commission


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