AXTAL stands for Advanced XTAL Products, where "XTAL" is a common abbreviation
of "crystal". Since 20 years AXTAL is a leading manufacturer of advanced frequency
control devices and The Expert for frequency control. AXTAL is located in Southern
Germany in the federal state Baden-Württemberg.


AXTAL was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the previous Tele Quarz by Bernd Neubig,
a Physicist and Electronic Engineer. The company AXTAL GmbH & Co. KG was fully
privately owned by Bernd and Brigitte Neubig, who were also the Managing Directors.


Since 2023 the new AXTAL GmbH is an independent subsidiary of Q-Tech Corporation,
a US-based leading supplier of high-reliability crystals oscillators. The new Managing
Director is Henry Halang, the former Technical Director, who joined the company shortly
after its foundation.


AXTAL's core buisness comprises advanced Frequency Control Products (FCP), mainly
Crystal & SAW oscillators and Frequency & Timing Modules. The main product focus
os on High-Reliability Oscillators and Frequency Control Modules with high requirements
for environmental conditions, ultra-low noise performance, very high stability and
frequency generation up into the GHz range for applications like test equipment, radar,
microwave communication, military, aerospace and space.


AXTAL's capabilities include the full value chain: R&D, design, manufacturing, screening
and testing of our products from samples to production quantities completely in-house.


AXTAL assures a high level of quality and reliability of its products due to our well
established Quality Management System. Since 2008 AXTAL is certified to ISO 9001
and shall be certified to ISO AS 9100 in 2023. Our QM exceeds the requirements of
ISO 9001 signficantly due to extensive process controls, 100% incoming inspection of
all quality-critical components, extended testing of Quartz resonators and many more.
Furthermore, our quality system and processes were inspected and approved through
audits of major customers from the Military and Space industry and others.


For much more details about AXTAL please see our Company Presentation.





2023 - New AXTAL GmbH - Acquisition by Q-Tech Corporation

2022 - New fully-automated pick & place system

2018 - First Space products for a Mars mission

2017 - First Space products for an extra-planetary Moon mission

2015 - Start of development of New Space oscillator series

2014 - Launch of first Space OCXO and EPPL listing

2014 - Expansion of production area

2012 - Movement to new facility in Mosbach

2011 - Start of Space business and development of first OCXO for Space

2010 - First vibration shaker - Start of vibration-isolated product series

2008 - QM Certification ISO 9001

2003 - Foundation of AXTAL GmbH & Co. KG in Mosbach, Germany


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